Wednesday, May 11, 2005

great ride to work this morning

i have a honda shadow motorcycle i bought 11 or 12 years ago for commuting down into the heart of the east bay area in hayward. i've been riding bikes since my 16th birthday, the day i got my license. i didn't own a car until i was into my 20s.
i've become spoiled driving in cars. i forgot that no matter whether the date is may 11 or not, 45 degrees outside is still 45 degrees. i decided to wear my "summer gloves" and was it chilly on the pinkies.
the ride was glorious though, so i can't really bitch. the sky was crystal clear, and i rode into the sunrise. if you aren't a motorcycle rider, i can't really describe the feeling. cranking down the freeway at 75, wind whistling through my helmet, no radio, no cell phone, just me and my thoughts, and a road full of idiots to avoid.
i love riding, and since i only live 45 miles from work now that we've moved from the napa valley to vacaville, there will be more of these in the near future.
the day is looking to be a splendid example of a northern california spring day, so i may just have to take the long way home up around lake berryessa. nothing like a long series of twisties and turnies taken at excessive speeds regardless of the 15 mph speed postings to get the blood flowing.


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