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Sunday, May 15, 2005

i'm almost speechless

ok, so that might be an exaggeration. anyone that knows me knows i'm RARELY speechless, regardless of topic, or my knowledge of same.

but here, in the s.f. chronicle is an article, by a chronicle bureau chief, decrying the MSM, and it's reliance on stirring the pot for readership and audience.

the news analysis by Marc Sandalow (google him for some interesting reading. he is NOT a closet conservative hiding out in washington d.c., far from the control of his paper in san francisco) shows what those of us on the "right side" of most issues have been decrying for years. the media will use whatever means they can to spin the news in the most unfavorable, and most unflattering yet compelling means possible to further their agenda. it's not all about audience, although the point of "man bites dog" is well made in this article. it's about taking the news and skewing it so out of shape that one would be hard pressed to recognize the facts even if you were part of the event. skewing and twisting, using inflammatory language as a means of furthering a political or social agenda. THAT is what the MSM has become. they no longer "report the facts". they report events with a heavy emphasis on belittling the opposition, frightening their audience as a means of furthering their agenda, or outright lying and making things up to prove their point.
just this last week, one of the columnists in the Sacramento Bee was shitcanned because the editors finally figured out the "human interest stories" this columnist wrote were about people in her imagination. she wanted to effect change, and made stories up and people up to bolster her view of the world.
to paraphrase an old television character "just give me the facts".


Blogger WillyShake said...

Beautiful...thank, bo. Just the other day I was listening to NYC media talk about Operation Matador in Western Iraq...classic case of giving half of the score of the game: X number of US casualties; no mention of dead bad guys. THAT's the paradigm of "news coverage" these folks learned from Vietnam.

*SIGH* Guess the wheels of change turn slowly. Again, thanks for a great post.

5/16/05, 2:22 PM  

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