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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

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brain expansion:
Scientific American dot com. great place to get lost for an hour or two. one of my favorite non gun related magazines, and it's on line!

food stuff:
Traditional Navy Recipes. ever wondered how to make REAL Navy bean soup? how about chipped beef on toast, or as we called it in the navy...uh, never mind. i'm trying to keep this at least PG-13.

gun nut stuff:
Kim du Toit is a crazed gun nut. this blog is one of the gems i've found since hitting the blogsphere in the last couple of months. great stuff.

mechanical stuff:
Yesterday's Tractors John Deere Tractor Discussion Board. yup, i'm a nuke that works on tractors. not just any tractors, but 3 green beauties, ranging from a couple of these:

40's vintage Model AW's to

a 40's vintage Model B.
DISCLAIMER these pix are lifted from the web. i have a bunch of pix of pop's tractors, i've just been too lazy to scan them in. END DISCLAIMER
why?? because we use them for hay rides during pumpkin season at my father-in-law's farm in fremont California.


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