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Friday, October 08, 2004

an update to the mural and the library

as i wrote in an earlier post, i figured the artist that screwed up the spelling of 11 words and names, including einstein's, was a democrat. now i know for sure.

as reported in the sf chronicle today, she's decided to do nothing. so she gets called on her mistake, agrees to fix it for more money, then pulls out when she perceives that there are folks out there that actually blame HER for the mistakes. a small quote from the article referenced above follows:
She noted that plenty of people from the city were on hand during the installation who could and should have seen the errant spellings, she said.

"Even though I was on my hands and knees laying the installation out, I didn't see it," she said.

The mistakes wouldn't even register with a true artisan, Alquilar said before deciding to leave the work as is.

"The people that are into humanities, and are into Blake's concept of enlightenment, they are not looking at the words," she told The AP.

When asked whether she chose the words and names for the work or whether the city provided her with a list, Alquilar took an artistic stance in response.

"The art chose the words," she said.

sorry, but what a load of crap. she can't even take responsibility for her own screwups. loser.


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