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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

a quick howdy

to all. no net at the new house yet. won't get connected until the 27th...arrrrrgggg.
so the move wasn't painless, but it IS over. of course, we have boxes and boxes of books, cooking gadgets, and the other detrius one gathers from a stationary life. it will take some time, but the place already feels like home, and that's a good thing.
of course, my wife, while not exactly crazy, has hatched a crazy plot to get us fired up and moved in completely by christmas. she's invited the family over for dinner. that's family as in about 25 people from little tykes to geezers, and everything in between. so you can imagine the flurry of activity at our casa for the time being. if nothing else, it shall be an adventure.
we brought the cats up from napa, and they promptly dissappeared for most of the week. sheba showed up first, looking like she'd travelled the entire length of the creek behind the house. spooky cat showed two days later, looking as fat and schizo as ever. it's good to have the cats back, because i told di that they would be and not to worry. lucked out again. hell, i thought we were going to be seeing another version of the incredible journey, with the two cats fighting their way back to napa.
so that's it for now.
hope you all have a very merry and happy christmas/holiday season. i'll be jonesing for the web by the 27th in a big way, but then, that's the way it goes i guess.


Blogger Alison said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

12/23/04, 4:43 AM  

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