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Monday, December 13, 2004

we did it!

my wife and i slept in our new home for the first time last night. i must say it was a deep and refreshing sleep, after moving the approximately 4 tons of stuff yesterday. our boys, and my father-in-law and his brother helped move us. we FILLED a 24 foot U-Haul, and i still have several more trips to make with my pickup to get the rest.
amusing happening: we were moving my home built rolling ammo locker. i under engineered the wheels, because the damned thing didn't want to roll with 30000 rounds of .22 ammo, 2000 rounds of .45 ammo, 2000 rounds of 9mm ammo, 500 rounds of .357 ammo, and over 10000 empty brass cases for the various calibers. i also had over 4000 lead bullets for reloading stuffed in there. so the poor wheels were not up to the task of rolling without unloading. i took a bunch of stuff out, and even then it was still heavy as hell. so we finally got it loaded on the truck. as we were off loading the thing, it started dropping .45 long colt casings through the opening at the bottom of the doors. it looked like a hansel and gretel fairy tale, except we were leaving casings instead of bread crumbs. my new neighbor saw this, and he started laughing. he thought it was pretty funny that i needed to lay a trail so that i could find my way back out front from the back shop where all my reloading stuff ended up.
i think my wife has just about had it with me and my ingrained sloppy habits. she's been giving me the eye every time i make some comment like "oh, that can wait". hope she doesn't kill me before we get everything unpacked and put away.
moving is not for the faint of heart, or those that are easily embarrassed. i took our bed apart yesterday. it is a pedestal captain's bed, with a 6 drawer chest as the foundation. as i was unscrewing it to disassemble the base, i noted a layer of dust so thick that it looked like someone had outlined the bed with powdered graphite. of course, it was just because the drawers stick out almost an inch and a half from the frame, so every time you vacuum, the cleaner only gets as far as the drawer's edge. for someone as "clean/neat" as my wife is about cleanliness, seeing that was like sticking a knife in her heart, and twisting it. glad it was just the guys helping us move, because guys understand stuff like that happens, with no judgements made about your ability to keep things clean.
right now, the place we are moving out of looks like someone threw a large hand grenade into the middle of each room. oh well.

got everything set up as far as water, garbage, etc. no internet for a week or so, but everything else is up and running. ahhh.


Blogger Allan said...

No interweb for a week???? 8O

I feel you pain.

12/13/04, 11:18 PM  
Blogger Macbeau said...

Moving is like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer - It's so wonderful when you're done.

12/16/04, 11:54 AM  

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