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Sunday, January 02, 2005

for those anti-handgunners out there

today's SF Chronicle has an amazing article written by an indian journalist from new delhi. the article is here.

while the judicial system in india differs from the one here in the u.s., there are parallels that are inescapable. a quote:
Delivering a lecture on "Law and violence on women" at the Institute of Women's Studies, a senior advocate of the Supreme Court, Arvind Jain, called upon female students not only to learn the art of self-defense, but never to hesitate in killing the man who tries to rape them, because in India, fighting a case against a rapist was far more difficult than fighting a case of murder in self-defense.

the moral: be prepared to defend yourself. need handgun instruction? give me a call.


Blogger kellikat said...

hi hon
i certainly wish i had a handgun 6 years ago and knew how to use it. there would be one fewer assholes on the planet and i would be mentally and physically healthy.

1/5/05, 11:59 AM  

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