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Monday, February 28, 2005

the dominoes continue to fall

damn, i sure am glad we didn't go to the middle east, because things were ok there except that whole palestinian/israeli thing. what, you mean we DID go there? what the hell happened? oh, so libya gave up it's terrorist sponsorship, and it's weapons development program? and afghanistan is now run by an elected government? and hussein and his murderous reign of terror was brought down? and the palestinians elected (in a real election) a government? and what? what's happening in lebanon? damn, guess it i was a little out of the loop. i thought that our interfering with the middle east would cause the world to catch fire. it seems the only thing to catch fire was the desire in people's hearts to be free. who'd a thought, except the president of course. you know that guy, the cowboy? guess there will be a lot of naysayers out buying stetsons, eh?


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