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Saturday, July 09, 2005

the adventures of home ownership

i've been following the trials and travails of blue and hobbit's issues with their new home, and the bozo that is responsible for the whole repair thing. no, i didn't link to any specific issue they have, because it seems to be an ongoing thing.

i, on the other hand, am having a great experience reroofing my house. it's amazing just how much work it is to remove an old shake roof, and sheath, paper and tile the new one. the complexities of the guttering alone is something else. guess i'll be putting on my boots and grabbing a shovel to run new drain lines. the existing lines are not going to do it all. i'll get some pictures as they get further along.

i installed combo light and fan units in the two bathrooms when they had the old roof pulled. it went pretty well, except for the wiring in the master bath. i would like to find the person that wired this mess the last time and slap him around for a while. i had to install a junction box, and reroute a bunch of wires just to get the thing close to code. fortunately, i was able to take yesterday off to get it all done before they finished putting the sheathing down. that would have been a nightmare job if i had to crawl around the rafters after the roof was finished. i discovered a yellowjacket nest while up there, and that by itself made doing the job with the roof off much much easier. i can just see it now. "Homeowner stung to death during a home improvement job. Trapped in a tight space, the hapless owner disturbed a nest of angry yellowjackets." not the kind of story i want go down in history for.


Blogger bhd said...

Cool beans, fella! Next step: insurance...

I gotta say the folks that are correcting the problems here are doing a wonderful job. The builder does have a good repuation and he's anxious to keep it. And I'm anxious to be done with him forever.

7/10/05, 6:14 PM  

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