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Sunday, August 07, 2005

thanks for the link amigo

i just got a link in the mail that kills me. apparently someone out there enjoyed my little writeup about Make Magazine. hell, if i knew it would be this easy to get some of the greatest video links about geek stuff, i'd have written something a lot earlier. but be that as it may, Here is a link to a short video clip starring an amazing amazing little humanoid robot. to tell the truth, i had a little shiver run down my back during the last couple of seconds of this video. it's almost frightening what is being done. and that's too cool for words, because if science doesn't frighten you a bit, and advances don't give you a moments pause, then you have neither the imagination required to connect possible futures to the current events, nor do you have the spark of exploration and wonderment that is required to push the boundries of knowledge forward.
this is so cool. i want one, just to have the chance to tinker with it. wonder if it could withstand the recoil of a 22 long rifle. nah, we have enough weapons systems out there. i'm thinking rodent abatement using the lil' dude's recognition program.


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