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Saturday, November 19, 2005

light politics and a comment

comment first. i just ordered a basketload of warm stuff for the kids over in afgahnistan. mainly for my pup mikey, but if he doesn't get it, hopefully someone that needs it gets it. one of the things he's asked for in the past was those chem-warmers. you know the kind, where you crush a capsule inside a pouch that heats up for something like 20 hours. i hope the company i ordered from does APO's, and it gets there before the spring thaw!

politics: i've been laughing all day at the newspaper's coverage of the dustup in the house of reps last night. the latest round of bush-bashing generated a lot of heat. i think the whole "define a set date to leave" mentality is so wrongheaded that i won't even go into it. needless to say, i'm seeing the degradation of support that will lead to another vietnam era split in the country. too bad. this isn't vietnam, and the bunch of weasels out there screaming and raising a ruckus are looking to relive their glory days. i do think the govt is messing up by kid gloving this whole affair in the middle east. time to let the dogs of war loose, without a bunch of handwringing or second guessing. let them do the job we sent them over there for. break things and kill people.
anyway, regarding the dustup. all of the loudmouthed naysayers jabbbering about how we need to get the hell out now were called to put up or shut up. the republicans (an organization i'm only loosely associated with) called for a non binding resolution to leave the middle east immediately. put up or shut up. the vote was 403 to 3, against.
just more wind from the east coast. blablabla.


Blogger WillyShake said...

I can't tell you how LIVID I am about this whole notion that we are in a quagmire over there. Please explain this to me! I know you share my frustration, but I'm really really really REALLY getting ready to blow a gasket on this!

11/21/05, 9:36 AM  

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