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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

surfin' the bubblehead blogosphere

popping around my links, and i found one that i really wanted to comment on when it was posted, but got sidetracked.

1/8/06 was the 1 year anniversary of the SSN-711 collision, and the skipper posted this message. i'm usually hard to get to, but i'm not ashamed to say this post brought a tear or two to my eyes. Kevin, we've never met, but jawed at each other on martini's bbs. i would have been proud to serve with you at any command, but especially at sea. you are a class act.

and the spud bubblehead is trying to pin down an old submarine legend. if you happen to know the answer, let him know. i sailed with two of the nukes that were on that mission, and worked with another after i got out. the seawolf was notoriously loath to leave the pier. we were in the channel, bresting away from land when a major breaker decided it wasn't ready to go to sea. the tugs pushed us back alongside the dock, so we could do the repairs. alby and hubbard looked at each other and laughed, with comments along the lines of "reminds me of the old days". only time i ever heard them say that, and until i read joel's post, i didn't put two and two together.

here's a submarine trivia question regarding the nautilus, and the first polar transit. what was so special about the awards given to the entire crew that made that specific trip?

lubber's line posted a really cool video last week. dayam, looks like fun.

and rob, our liberal shipmate ponders a terrifying whatif. rob, dude, you need to get out more and see the world. i wonder if you would have done sailing on the seawolf. see blind man's bluff for the backstory. i shudder to think what our response would have been to 9/11. you know it would have happened regardless of who was the president. sorry rob, but i don't think you've thought that post all the way through.

interested in what's happening in nuke training these days? hmm, checkout by computer. no more bringing a cup of coffee and a circular carbohydrate confection to the qual P.O. anymore? what's happening to tradition!


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