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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the long anticipated revolution has begun

according to many, Gaia or Mother Earth, will sweep mankind from her surface.
it appears that an early shot has been fired in the battle

another example of good ol' ma nature taking a swipe at mankind can be found here

editthis just in from our correspondent RM1(SS), yet another fishy assasination attempt. i'm telling ya, these are but the opening salvos... humanity is toast if we don't go out and take matters in hand. what the hell has nature ever done for us, anyway?

i'd be wary of bee hives and wasp nests, if i were you. ditto penguins that were being transported in a vehicle that "just happened" to overturn.

i'm telling you, it's coming. i'd say dog the hatches, but ...

gee, do you think i could convince the producers of algore's An Inconvenient Truth to fund a movie with ME as the spokesperson?
editor's note: hey ed, the above link was the one i tried to send to you a couple of weeks ago regarding algore's shlockumentary


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