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Sunday, December 31, 2006

current events

i will let those with better skills discuss the latest happenings in the submarine world. a couple of youngsters died on a fast and black, and joel, the communal blog, and the sub report are doing a good job covering the story. suffice to say, submarining is a dangerous occupation. there were times when it felt like we were working in an office, sure, but even during the most mundane task, cruising at sea on a human made machine was anything but a sure safe bet. sailors, rest your oar.

now, what i would like to do is direct your attention to one of my favorite iraqi blogs. want to know what the educated iraqis are thinking about stretching madman hussien's neck? check out the buzz just before the administration of justice. and then, celebrating justice. the blog iraq the model is a daily read at the geezer's corner. it has been a vicarious thrill to follow the adventures of the brothers that blog as the americans started dropping things that go bang. the progress of iraq's transition has been documented and commented on at great length there. one of the things that got me fired up to read this collective effort was the following line from one of the very first posts there: "You can not imagine how happy I was when I created this blog and published my first article, after years of being imprisoned inside the walls that Saddam's regime built around Iraq."

i watched the furor and hoopla, the running scared of the left's pundits and talking heads on the tube as the whole final hours unwound. instant chaos, instant civil war, instant reprisals.

hmmm. wonder when they will happen? i'm not looking at causing them to happen by jinxing things. i'm just wondering where the instant firestorm predicted by so many is?

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Happy New Year, my friend!

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