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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

so what did you have on "Eat an animal for pETA" day?

many of you know that Meryl over at Yourish got fired up a couple of years ago when pETA tried equating animal farms with the nazi death camps. so "Eat an Animal for pETA"TM was born. it's now an annual feast for us right thinkers, on the 15th of March. the last several years have been great meal days. this year, i decided to revisit the two animal grill. only this time, it was pork and lamb, rather than beef and lamb. and to top it off, i did the whole thing Kabob style. ooooh, yummy!

as always, clicka the flicka for larger sizes

first, start with good meat. i used 3 thick cut loin chops from a healthy piggy, and the lean leg from a fuzzy wooly little lamb.
pork and lamb

then i made a dry rub for the lamb. this picture shows all the ingredients
lamb rub2

the rub for the pork was a variation of "hmmm, what's in the spice pantry?". i doubt if i could come up with the exact thing again. lots of Old Bay seasonings and paprika, some garlic powder and ground pepper. hell, almost everything i do is one off. sometimes i wish i would take the time to write down recipes as i go, but then, where's the fun in THAT?

then i cubed the chops. the lamb was removed from the bone, each muscle seperated out, connective tissue and silverskin removed, then cubed. i skewered the meat, rubbed the rub, covered and refridgerated overnight.

on the grill they went. after the skewered peppers, zucchinis, 'shrooms, and onions, of course.

i would have taken an after picture, but eating kind of took precident.

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