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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

browning hipower

browning hipower
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some days i should just stay home. forget that. even shakey days at the range are good days!
i decided to go to the range last night as a reward for all the work i did in the yard this weekend. little did i know that my hands, arms, shoulders, back, etc etc were all a bit worn out and shakey due to the physical workout of actually, gasp, doing some physical work.
so here's the browning hipower 9mm i had to send to the doctors for a bushing repair. it's still a little off regarding final site adjustment. but this target is all about ME being off, not the pistol.
25 yards off hand, one box of 50 handloads. things settled down after this, honest.

4.1 - 4.2 grains w231 over winchester small pistol primers. 115 grain Oregon Trails lasercast bullet, seated to 1.10 inchess

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