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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

High court affirms gun rights in historic decision
sure have heard a lot from the gun grabbers about how this won't really affect anything.

WRONG!!! the NRA is already in court suing Chicago over it's unrealistic and confiscatory gun laws.

again, i say Oh Happy Day!
I may have to get a couple of pistols out of the safe and go to the range and crack a few caps, just to celebrate.

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Blogger beebs said...

It is a wonderful day. California DOJ has been relying on US v Miller [1939]
as some kind of collective right.

Just to have the Supremes say it was an individual right was worthwhile.

6/26/08, 4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe before too long my girlfriend can keep the Ruger tackhammer i bought her at her house (chicago) instead of mine.

6/27/08, 12:02 AM  
Blogger John A said...

Just in case you missed it because most headlines were about the 5-4 split about whether to send the case back to lower court -

SCOTUS 9-0: Second Is About An Individual Right!

6/27/08, 1:46 PM  
Blogger reddog said...

The guns they let you have are crap. You can let the slaves have swords, as long as you have spears. I want real ordinance.

6/29/08, 8:53 AM  

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