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Monday, November 23, 2009

don't need to be a toothless shopkeeper to gouge

i know we aren't suffering the aftermath of a hurricane, or some other natural catastrophe. but the year+ ammo shortage is showing me who i don't want to buy anything from in the future.
case in point: an online ammo distributor (i won't name them, or send traffic their way, but they are in Brenham Texas) has winchester plinking ammo in 555 round boxes for about $22. ok, that's expensive for plinking ammo, but in day and age, beggars can't be too damned choosy. if you order a case (10 boxes) you end up paying over $90.00 in shipping. that's more per box in shipping charges than i pay for the ammo in other places. i've been shipping and receiving everything from printer cartridges to air compressors for years and i know how much it costs to ship UPS from texas to kahleefornia. and i've carried many a case of bricks of .22 ammo out to my truck over the years. i know how much they weigh. thieves taking advantage of scarcity beyond acceptable levels.

second case in point: i went to Big 5 Sporting store, and they had a lone box of winchester plinking ammo in the 333 box size for $19.98. that works out to $30 a brick. not only is that outrageous, but i bought a box of that same ammo 3 days ago from wallyworld for $9.98. i've bought guns, ammo, fishing gear, sporting goods and even very expensive hiking shoes from them before, but i will never cross their door sill again.
i absolutely understand the need to make a profit, and would never begrudge one to an honest dealer. but these are two of the examples of exorbitant gouging from supposedly gun friendly companies.
i'll take my business elsewhere, or not shoot at all before i buy from either of them.
i'm really pissed

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Blogger Chief Instructor said...

I ONLY buy my ammo by going to gun shows now - mostly when the big show hits Reno. I buy what I think will be a year's worth, plus a bit more.

With the passing of AB962, I will NEVER be fingerprinted to buy ammo. Never. So I'll be making all of my purchases out-of-state. CA will no longer receive any of the taxes from my purchases.

Great plan, California, great plan.

11/24/09, 8:04 AM  
Blogger bothenook said...

dude, i may have to do the same. i figure i average around 500 rounds of 22 and 300-400 rounds of 45 and 9mm per range trip, and i've been averaging at least a trip a week for the last 6 months or so. centerfire is almost exclusively my reloads, but still, i'll probably buy the primers and powder out of state as well.
i guess the next thing they will do is put inspection stations like they do for agriculture products at the border.

11/25/09, 4:48 PM  

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