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Sunday, May 15, 2005

a bit of shakespearian drama unfolding

in bethlehem. a real romeo and Juliet story, with a middle eastern flavor.
a 23 year old muslim dude sees and falls in love with a 16 year old christian girl. he gets her cell phone number, and a romance via the phone ensues. they decide to run away. (as an aside, i included one capitalization for chappie, gus, and joel. enjoy, and share amongst yourselves)
this would almost be a comedic farce if it weren't indicative of the strife and tensions in that area. one of the comments in the article states had this been a christian boy and a muslim girl, she would have been killed by her family for dishonoring them. and the boy would most likely be killed.
the root of the issue stems around the "unavailability" of muslim girls for these young men to woo, date, and marry. the controls surrounding this "property" would make the security chief at fort knox nod his head in admiration.
what really gets me is the president of palestine, and emissaries from the vatican had to intercede to quell the major unrest this event caused. unbelievable.
of course, this the same region where 15 people are killed during protests because of an alleged flushing of a couple pages from the koran in gitmo by interrogators.
i can actually see parallels here to the u.s.. how many folks get their ire up enough to start fights over burning a flag?
so willyshakes, here we have a modern example of just how tuned in your hero was to the human condition. i just hope this doesn't end up with a vial of poison and a dagger.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there should be much more of this story than the press knows. moslem guys never woo moslem girls coz it would be too serious and they would have to get involve like in marrying her or at least get ingaged to be with them and they would always be accompanied with a third party to whereever they go. but with christian girls they are more open minded and according to moslems they are less restrictive and they are not affraid of affending their honor coz nobody will kill them as you mentioned if the story was about christian guy and moslem girl.
this Phenomena is not spread only in bethlehem also in almost every city or village that arabs reside in.
when christian girls are having problems with their christian surroundings they tend to be a better catch for those moslems.

5/31/05, 3:55 AM  

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