Wednesday, May 04, 2005

they keep falling

seems there is some good news in the middle east to counter the bad.

saddam's nephew, number 36 in the deck of bad guys, and the libyan head of al-qaeda, reportedly the #3 guy in the organization have both been captured. very cool. they keep chipping away, and eventually we will either have taken out their command structure, or finally catch the kahuna himself.

if you notice i've quoted 4 bbc articles in a row. it's not because i've finally taken refuge in the dark side. it's just easy to pick off info using firefox's "latest headlines" link.

me, no, i'm not lazy. it's just that the link is the first news trail i follow. the first, but certainly not the only.

and one last one from the bbc. this guy has more balls than smarts. imagine asking the woman he had raped to marry him. he thought it would help reduce his sentence. WTF? look, i don't know how these things work in india, but in my household in california, with either of the two women i've married in my life, had i pulled a stunt like that... well, let's just say that i would never ever be able to sleep in the same county. something about very sharp objects, removing valuable body parts during the night. hell, maybe that woman should marry this cretin, and then kill the bastard in his sleep. i'm sure she would not be convicted, claiming temporary insanity brought on by flashbacks of her rape.


Blogger WillyShake said...

This Firefox "live bookmarks" feature is fantastic, no?
What other sites do you have live-marked?

Besides the BBC and Yahoo, I have Sky News, ESPN and CNN (ugh!). No other news sources in my sidebar have "live mark" capability--when's Fox News gonna get with it?

5/4/05, 11:58 AM  

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