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Friday, February 22, 2008

2/22/08 submarine blogger roundup

well, it's time for me to go around and pull the most recent musings of my fellow bubblesphere bloggers into one place. that's submariner bloggers for the uninitiated.

not to sound like a broken record, but you do know that there is one place out there for all of the latest in submarine news, right? that place is of course eric's The Sub Report and his blog at The Blog! where he posted a couple of weeks ago with pictures from the USS Boise (SSN-764).

now on to the other blogs that have posted new content in the last week or so:

you will be seeing recurring themes this week. Politics and the Navy's excellent marksmanship were the primary topics out there in bloggerland.

Joel starts it off with this post about the spectacular satellite shot the navy did.

guess what WillyShakes talks about? yup, shooting down dead satellites. the video was just too cool, don't you think? time to remind all the kids on the block who has the biggest muscles.

Chap posts a press release about the shootdown.

and one of my blogging idols Gus gives us the benefit of his experiences blogging with this excellent primer on blogging. there are some important things he points out for the neophyte as well as the experienced blogger. only thing i disagree with is the whole advertising thing. me, i still refuse. this isn't my profession, just a hobby. and again, we are tempting a shift in the universe's entropy balance by my linking to his latest roundup. if you don't have him bookmarked so you can find his weekly roundups, what the hell's the matter with you???

and one of the other key sources of new and interesting submarine/navy info is Vigilis over at the Molten Eagle. his latest post about Naval Prison proposals will make you nod your head and either say "hell yeah", or "WTF?"

and one of our resident lefties (dig dig) Rob has come to the realization that regardless of who wins the coming election, the right loses, no matter what. Rob, it saddens me to say this, but you are right there buddy.

how's this for a quote? "My wife didn't think our lives were complicated enough so she went out and bought a new dog." go check out Ted's new pooch Molly. doxies are cute little critters, but having had them underfoot as a kid, i've learned my mutts have to be big enough to see, to not trip over.

Reality Frame reprints an article from one of those places i only visit to see what the other side (tinfoil hatted) thinks. i am not shy about stating i think his politics and world view are way way way different than mine. but he always has interesting things to say about how he sees things. and i have no doubt his views are held as closely as mine. that's why i love this blogging thing. i can cast about and find just about any side of just about any issue, and find intelligently written articles. want to see? go visit Seven Steps to Revolution.

need a dose of old fart music? i mean, ancient, blow the dust off the 78's and 45's? check out what COOKIE thinks of as contemporary music. i kid, i kid. (not really, but i don't want cookie mad at me). and don't forget to wander through his latest batch of postings for your humor recharge. he posts some funny stuff.

and the Knavish one has a little musing about Castro's retirement and the effect it will have on hollywood.

Myron has a sure fire way to clean your dirty computer monitor.

and imagine my surprise when Sonarman stated within the first paragraph of The Scarlet Letter that "Because I am “ultra-conservative”, I am, in the eyes of some, an insensitive thug waiting to trample on the rights of the poor, the hungry, and otherwise oppressed. And also I supposedly want to harm small, furry and otherwise, creatures of the forest." well, that's what I THOUGHT about you! Brothers under the skin! anyway, he goes on to riff on what he considers an abridgment of rights. don't know if i totally agree, but i do know someone that has been dealing with the issue for years for a stupid human trick he pulled as a teen, messing with an underaged girl when he was 18. she was literally only a couple of months younger than he was, and emancipated, but the law was the law. he tells me there are people that drive by his house even now (he's on the statewide "predator list") and throw things at the house.

our resident lawyer always always educates me when i visit. here's an intriguing quote "She claims that the failure of Israeli troops to rape Arab women achieves the same goal as actually raping them; that the reluctance of Israeli troops to force themselves on Arab women is humiliating and evidence of Israeli racism -- a rather extreme example of Jewish anti-Arab discrimination." for an education of multi-culti libtards, check out Out on a Limb. this dude's blog should be required reading.

the Old Coot has a Great Quote.

"Some mutant retard despoils a little blond girl and it's all over the cable channels for months. Spoiled Saudi boys with box cutters crash a few planes and we spend trillions crashing around through Mesopotamia. We lose control of our cities, Detroit, DC, Baltimore, Cleveland, Houston, Los Angeles, nobody says or does, a damned thing. Just pretend it didn't happen." Red Dog (hiya Dave... he's an old red headed shipmate of mine) gives his thoughts on the state of civil order, or disorder in L.A. dude, i wish i could say you were wrong, but i'd be wrong.

the resident competitive eater in our little band of brothers has challenged himself to not eat meat for Lent. a quote from 8Feb "I’ve never done the Lent thing; giving something up – usually a guilty pleasure or some other vice – for 40 days. In fact, I’m not even religious. But this year I’ve decided to give up meat. Not just red meat (as some people suggested), but ALL MEAT.
And the funny thing is, I’m sort of looking forward to it. I mean, I know it’ll suck at times, but when those 40 days are over, that first burger will taste like heaven."
his last month of blogs has been chronicling this exercise. he is, of course, a dyed in the wool meat eater, and his adventure has been funny reading. he's now contemplating what Lent means. in his own words, he's not religious, but he did attend a Catholic wedding once. visit Mega Munch. laugh at him. i am. ordering a Whopper, and taking off the meat is cheating, bud....

Subvet links to an article about Momma Obama, or as he calls her, Lady Macbeth. damned interesting reading, especially if you are a fence sitter on the upcoming presidential election. Education education education. these are the things that we need to make reasonable and well thought out decisions. consider this part of your education.

and over at Right Mind, read about one of my personal heroes Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and what she told an audience in Dallas about honor killings. chilling.

a week and a half ago, Midwatch Cowboy posted a video about an incredible landing few have heard about. the reason i include him with this week's list is there is a very interesting comment to the entry. makes you wonder about getting in an airplane.

Doc MacDonald does not leave you in suspense. want to know what he thinks about the major newspapers? He'll tell you. and it should not come as a surprise that i wish i'd written this post myself.

Chucklehead posts Yet another reason for the 2nd amendment. there is a mantra within the shooters circles i travel in that goes "When seconds count, and the cop's are minutes away, what are you going to do?" there have been several things that have cropped up in my newsreader feeds regarding lawsuits brought by citizens against the local constabulary. in every case, the plaintiff lost because the judge found for the cops. what were the findings? the cops were not liable for your safety. if you call for help, and they don't show up, and bad things happen to you, too bad, so sad.
my answer? a 7 shot .357 loaded with 125 grain hollowpoints, with a .45 acp loaded with 230 grain personal defense rounds as a backup. if i have the time to call the cops, i will. but i will not place my family in jeopardy by inaction in the hopes that help will arrive in time. when seconds count, i will count to 7, reload, and count to seven again. and then tell the cops what happened when they finally arrive. yeah, i'm one of THOSE people. you know the kind. the ones that don't believe the government will or should fulfill all my needs. honestly, the very last thing in the world i want to do is to point a firearm at someone, much less drop the hammer. make that the next to the last thing. the last thing in the world i want is for my family to come to harm while waiting for someone to come rescue us because i couldn't or wouldn't defend us by any means necessary.

Sleepyeyed Whiner of the Deep posts about Success!

Ben has a humorous picture showing the newest import The Molotov. funny stuff dude.

In Through the Out Door posts about Open Souce discussions regarding networking within the military. another reason why i like the blogosphere. i'd never have even thought of this topic without a nudge. thanks for the nudge.

if you have followed my blog at all, you know that i love to cook. and bake. and eat. well, i'm not the only one. check out this cake Will made. he's a new guy. go over and say howdy.

another excellent baker, this one a professional(!) let's us know that he's not dead. whew.

"In Dubuque, Iowa, some people brought to Obama an unemployed union member who was deaf and could hardly talk, and they begged him to place his hand on the man."
Exurban League posts about the vatican investigation surrounding the latest Obama Miracle.

ever hear of the Jedi Church? me either. The Good Donut has, and links us up.

Blunoz reminds us why fatherhood is so precious. hey dads, remember the wiener dance?

and finally, i'd like to direct you to my own blog. i've been following the whole islamist/Danish dustup. i talk about Analyzing the news you hear or read coming from europe.

any submariners with blogs not listed on my blogroll, please email me. i'll be sure to add you, and visit from time to time.

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Blogger Cookie..... said...

"Contemporary music". Why you little whiper-snapper, guess I'm gonna have to come over to The Geezers Corner and lurn ya some mannurs and how to respect yur elders... ;-)

2/23/08, 9:28 AM  
Blogger Cookie..... said...

BTW mate...y'all probably got some readers out there that don't even know what 45's and 78's are....

2/23/08, 5:09 PM  
Blogger Robert Schumacher said...

:) Don't be too sad about the election, things have to be better with any of the candidates now running (except Hillary...I'm a Democrat and even I don't want Hillary...)

2/24/08, 11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly don't want to hurt the poor little critters. Because there's room enough for all God's creatures... right next to the mashed potatoes and gravy. I want to make their death as quick and painless and as possible, so I can grill'em up real quick.

As for my Scarlet Letter riff, I guess the point I was trying to make was if these sickos are so dangerous we have to track them, why are we letting them out in the first place? I'll tell you why - it's called social decontruction. There are those who desire to tear apart the moral fabric and societal bonds that holds our civilization together, to (a) cause anarchy, in which they can step in and seize control to establish tyranny, or (b) cause society to slowly crumble and weaken until they can step in and seize control to establish tyranny. Whatever happens, they win, we lose. Unless we are vigilant and ready.

2/24/08, 7:30 PM  
Blogger Nereus said...

Well, I have missed making your blogger roll 2x in a Row. I have updated mine in hope that someone will come by and give things a read.

2/25/08, 1:00 PM  

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