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Monday, May 10, 2010

road trip

so i went to Philadelphia last week for training. While there, i took a little time to wander around the place, do some sightseeing, and to visit the home of the Philly Cheese Steaks. for a short pictorial, clicky my FLICKR set of Philly pictures



Blogger reddog said...

How did you like those cheese steak sandwiches?

I'm a big sandwich guy. Burgers, meatball, subs, open face roast beef with gravy and mashed potatoes, tuna salad, pickled herring, any kind of sausage on a roll, pastrami, pulled pork, BLTs, Reuben, grilled, steamed, pressed, cold, relish, pickles, mustard, ketchup, onions, horseradish, peppers, I got it covered.

I won't say I don't like cheese steaks. They're not bad but they aren't that high on my calorie to contentment ratio.

All time favorite: Kosher wienie, with natural casing that snaps when you bite in and gushes hot juice, on a soft roll. A little kraut. A little mustard. I like them small. You can always have two. The simple things are often best.

Still, when in Rome. Ya get to Philly, ya gotta have a cheese steak. Give us a rundown.

5/20/10, 8:25 AM  

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