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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

at least i'm not bitchin' about moore anymore...

so here's a quote from an article i read today:
One of the places at which their account is dramatically different from John Kerry's concerns the famous "Christmas in Cambodia" trip that Kerry has publicly presented some 50 times as a turning point in his life. Although records show that Kerry was at least half-way across Vietnam from Cambodia at that point — 55 miles — he has often said that that Christmas day was "seared — seared" into his memory. That's because he remembers President Nixon saying there were not Americans in Cambodia at that time. But there Kerry was.

The Swift Boat Vets write that the trip didn't happen — indeed, couldn't have happened.

Reluctantly, the Kerry campaign has conceded that the Cambodia trip was not at Christmas (Nixon was not yet president). They have also had to back off from their first, second, third, and fourth accounts of how Kerry made that mistake. The Kerry campaign at this time refuses to give a date for that event — they now suggest it was sometime during February or the first few days of March. Brinkley quotes nearly two pages of an account from Kerry's journal that seems to place him at least near Cambodia, but not until after mid-March. On this vivid point — the Globe biography calls it the turning point of Kerry's life — the memories of the Swift Boat Vets have scored a direct hit against Kerry's account. That event supposedly taught Kerry cynicism about the word of the highest government officials.

it's by Micheal Novak.
now i'm getting a tad tired of this whole thing, but just about when i'm ready to move on to another topic, WHACK, something else hits. i raised three kids, and when i got a story, and it changed more than once, i knew that at least the original story was a line of b.s.. kerry has changed his "life changing" account about cambodia at least 5 times. so, was he lying the other 4?

personally, i think this whole thing about vietnam is a crock anyway. we all did stupid shit when we were young, said things that made us look bigger, better, smarter, faster. some of these things come back to bite us in the ass as we get older. most of us drop the b.s. as we age, because we mature and realize none of that stuff is all that important. what is important is who and what we are today. kerry has, unfortunately for him, repeated his lines so often in persuit of his political goals that he's begun to believe them himself. danger danger.

but what i'm really interested in, as i've stated more than once in this medium, is in any of kerry's leadership skills and voting records that he has developed as an adult. not a pretty site. he is again listed as the "most liberal" senator this last year, based on voting records. i want to know where all of the money these liberal programs need is going to come from. i'm already paying confiscatory taxes as it is, and they want to make it worse? i know a dude here in sacramento who sold his dad's house and all of his property and possessions, then split is up between the 3 brothers. that way dad didn't have any assets, and the state paid for his care and housing in a nursing home for 3 years, until he finally died. why?? well, i've been told that his dad "earned" the right to have the government support him, and that his dad had worked all those years to have something to leave his kids. Bill doesn't understand why i get pissed every time i see that pickup truck he bought with part of his share of his dad's property. he doesn't understand why i feel he conspired with his brothers to steal the money the state paid to care for his father. if his dad had sold his assets and used those monies to support himself until they ran out, i wouldn't have any issues with the state stepping in. but as it is, it was an "entitlement". oh, and all i ever hear from bill is how bad the taxes are on his contracting business. makes me grind my teeth.

wow, talk about a segue from one rant to another! anyway, i don't see much better out of the current administration regarding spending in the government either. but at least when i sell my real estate investment property, i'll only get hit for 20% vs. the 39.5% capital gains tax since G.W. lowered capital gains tax rates. hooray george.


Blogger Edvardicus said...

So, Kerry wasn't in Cambodia at Christmas time. BFD, Bush wasn't present at his guard assignment. He was probably drunk and tooting coke somewhere over alabama,. blah, blah, blah.

8/25/04, 6:47 AM  

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