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Monday, October 11, 2004

yup, you got that right

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Tom Friedman’s column on Iraq today isn’t bad but it’s annoying that he talks of the intelligence failure of the “Bush team.” Bush inherited the Clinton intelligence team – George Tenet, Richard Clarke and all – and chose not to change it, but rather to trust its competence, neutrality and professionalism.

In the last debate, Bush might have cited that as one of his mistakes.


Blogger Edvardicus said...

Give it up BoBo. Even Richard Luger and Chuck Hegel, some pretty respectable conservative voices have spoken out against the administration's failures and incompetence. You don't have to vote Dem to admit you've been BushWhacked!

10/11/04, 2:02 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

nor do i, or the party, have to be messianic in taking on the sins and blame for the previous administrations sins and shortfalls. yup, ol' gw does enough to get my negative attention, he doesn't need scolding for the growing recession he inherited, the failure of the intellegence community regarding both 9/11 and the subsequent tally of hussien's sins. eventually even the harshest critics, assuming even a modicum of intellegence and foresite, will realize that the pretender and his jester participated as supporting actors in the current drama ongoing in the middle east and at home. should one expect the members of the senate intellegence oversite committee to behave blamelessly? or that the constant critisism by the pretender for the highest office comes after over 20 years in the senate, including 8 with the "greatest president", in which he did not participate in the correction of said problems? or he should get a bye because as junior senator from the state of mass-cluelessness, he proved time and time again to be an even stronger opponent to strengthening the intellegence community's ability to perform their job, or the military's ability to perform their's, than the senior senator from his state?
it's ok to scold the president for his failings, but to argue his ability to defend his policies should be curtailed because of errors and failings that he inherited? i thought that you surely must be smarter than that. beat him for the mistakes he made, not the ones he was handed. there's surely enough evidence to satisfy your need to do so.

10/13/04, 5:30 PM  

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