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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

someone else i'd like to give a clue card to

then there is the woman suing harvard
She said she was shocked when, in late 2001, her supervisor told her she would never be promoted at Harvard. In court documents, Goodwin said her supervisor told her she was "a joke" at the university's main library, where she "was seen merely as a pretty girl who wore sexy outfits, low cut blouses, and tight pants."

well duh.
i guess she is a victim of harvard's expectations of work place appropriate dress and behavior.
here lady, read this card. get a clue. while i don't feel sorry for harvard's administration, i can understand the issue here. imagine a babe, dressed like a babe, in an environment full of testosterone laden young males. the first inappropriate remark, and bang, she could very easily be suing the school for fostering an environment that allows that sort of behavior. the school is in a lose lose situation. but this way it will cost them a lot less. ever see the awards the our fellow citizens see fit to pass in the courts for harassment??


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