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Friday, March 18, 2005

first Victoria Cross to a living recipient since 1969

ok, there are medals in the military world, and then there are medals.
the Victoria Cross was last awarded more than 25 years ago, posthumously to a couple of soldiers that fought in the Falklands.

This week, the Brits awarded the VC to a 25 year old soldier in iraq. i don't know if you can grasp how amazing it is. the united states has issued very few Congressional Medals of Honor, but more than the Brits have the VC. the criteria must be unbelievably stringent. as an example, the united states has awarded 3459 CMOH's since the first issued in 1863. the brits have awarded 1354, now 1355 since the first issued in 1854. there is no denying this young man did something extraordinarily brave.
Sir Mike Jackson told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "His citation is an extraordinary story of one man's courage in the way he risked his life for his colleagues, not once, but twice.

"We all know that the Victoria Cross is held in such high regard in our country and any holder of it is rightly given enormous respect for what he has done."

Private Johnson Beharry, i salute you, and honor your selfless bravery.


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