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Monday, March 14, 2005

surfing the news feeds

remember my little rant about china? welcome to taiwan's world. that big beast to the west has to be causing some MORE serious concern in that part of the world, and you just know it is going to spill over to us. consider how much of the world's shipping either leaves, or passes by this area. and where is most of it coming? here. where is most of the world's production of steel heading? there. you don't need to take your socks off to count this one up.

and then there is
lebanon. the winds of freedom are fanning the fire of nationalism and patriotism in that part of the world. damn bush, if he'd just left things alone, all those murderous thugs running those countries wouldn't have to rely on their friends in the UN to have someone to talk to. nobody else wants them around. in iraq, even the kurds and shi'ia are figuring this out. talk, agree to disagree, get something to work, then smooth the wrinkles out later. friggin' bush. if it weren't for him, those kurds and shiites would still be at each other's throats, helping keep the region stable for the ruling immans. a common enemy, and all.
edit, 3/15/05 even the decidedly anti-bush Washington Post has published an story in their paper that is lauditory to the president. a brief snippet follows. go read it, and see what i mean about the president's policies are changing the face of the middle east, in my opinion, for the better. more movement towards a free and democratic middle east has happened in the last two years than in the previous _______ (fill in your own time reference, it's still applicable)
"Nowadays, intellectuals, businessmen and working-class people alike can be caught lauding Bush's hard-edged posture on democracy and cheering his handling of Arab rulers who are U.S. allies.

even the irish are starting to figure it out. have you been reading how the IRA is getting seriously flamed by just about everyone there? and this latest piece of news is stoking the fire even higher. i read a couple of days ago (can't find the source now) that the IRA is in serious deep kimchee over their latest round of terrorist activities. even staunch supporters in ireland are turning their backs to these creeps. just about the only place they get any play now is in the usa, and that is one of the saddest things i've reported in a long time. for a people that espouses such high ideals to embrace a band of murdering criminals is beyond me. sinn fein? f*** you. nope, i remember where it was. check out this post by New Sisyphus, and the next one after. memory, a fickle thing.

and for something a little lighter, i suggest this news snippet. even this item gives me cause to consider the problems we are going to face if it ever comes to a standoff with china. tough dudes!

and if you ever need to find santa during the off season, i suggest looking here, though for the life of me, i can't figure out why he'd go there when tahiti is so much warmer.

and since it looks like the global war on terror (gwot) is faltering in the western pacific areas, perhaps this isn't such a bad idea. if you can't kill off the islamofascists with guns, sell them really cheap cigarettes. and hire really studly looking 18 to 35 year old males to advertise. tell them 6 packs a day will make them impervious to western devil bullets or something.


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