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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

joel finds another one

submariner blogger, that is. yup, if i want to know what is the latest news on the submarine community's mind, or find a subblogger, i just wander over to the stupid will be punished. seems joel is becoming the lode stone for boat sailors plying the cyber seas.
and who did we find this time? why a monatana blogger Sarpy Sam. greetings sam. hope to see some posts from you on our pages in the future.


Blogger edieraye said...

Completely unrelated to the post - I was digging around some old stuff looking for dive info when I came across one of your old comments about diving Oahu and how much it had changed. We went to the Caymans recently. It was my first time to dive there and I was so excited because my husband kept telling me that it was the best diving he had ever done. Due to changes in the weather, the visibility was awful and the reefs really don't look like they are doing well. Very disappointing. On the bright side, one of the couple's diving with us were both in their seventies and one man celebrated his 80th birthday during the trip. That was inspirational.

3/17/05, 3:56 PM  

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