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Sunday, March 20, 2005

ok dwardo, here it is

my amigo dwardo asked if i had a "recent" picture of me before i turned into a meat version of the hindenburg blimp. so i went digging, and found the picture (it's 10 years old...my my my), and i weighed 205 pounds and had been clinically tested for body fat at 6%. what a stud. i won't tell you what it is now, other than the fact that i've lost 30+ pounds, with another wheelbarrow full to go. it's amazing what being able to move will do to your ability to lose weight. wish i hadn't been so stubborn about seeing a chiropractor for the last 8 years. my fault, but i do learn from my mistakes. it's really cool being able to turn and look over my shoulder without gasping in pain.
oh, here's the picture.
as always, click for a larger view
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