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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

WTF am i missing here?

there is a news article about municipalities suing ford motor company for selling them unsafe crown vic's for police cars. ok. i get it.
so ford, as a manufacturer, said that if you were suing the company, the company would not sell you any more cars. makes perfect sense to me. if you are suing me because you think my cars are unsafe, and then you buy more of them, it would be obvious to me that you are just out looking for some deep pockets. if you think the cars are unsafe, buy another brand! what the hell is so hard about that? why is that so impossible to understand? the gall some folks have feeling like they've been victimized (mainly because they are friggin' stupid) just rocks me back. here's a quote:
ford exec: "The bottom line is either they are serious about the lawsuit and the claims in the lawsuit or they're not," he said. "If you think the vehicle is unsafe - we don't - but if you do, don't expect us to supply you vehicles."
sounds reasonable to me.

"We woke up and Ford wouldn't sell us any Crown Vics," he said.
"It just rubs me the wrong way that they can try and push everybody around," Mayor Jeffrey Sherwin said.

i mean, WTF? another sign of the victimization of america. you do something, and there is a reasonable reaction or response, you are only a victim of your own actions.
damn, sometimes i just want to walk around with a pile of clue cards to hand out to these idiots.


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