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Sunday, July 10, 2005

another blogger prating about the london bombings

it seems every blogger out there with a political bent is blogging away about the bombings in london. even i posted the day of the bombings.

what has been the primary bitch in the west? that the religious leaders of that particular belief system have been silent. i've even used the line myself a time or two in this blog.

so i was somewhat amazed to read the the following article in the sf chronicle. what really piqued my interest was a statement from one of the obvious terrorist apologist organizations, CAIR.

"They always ask, 'Where are the Muslims? What do they have to say?' " said Amina Ansari, representing the Santa Clara-based Council on American Islamic Relations.

so what's happening in the world? are the "mainstream" islamists finally getting fed up with the whole jihad thing? don't bet on it.

what i see happening is the "oh that's horrible" publicly, "way to go" privately. CAIR has many many times acted as a mouthpiece for the radically bent members of the islamfacist ilk. how many times in the last 4 years has CAIR defended the hezbollah whackjobs, stating that the west simply misunderstands what it is "they" are trying to accomplish? how many times have we seen CAIR reps decry the west's propensity for requiring accountability for one's actions? how many times has CAIR been in front of the cameras, not denouncing the actions of terrorists, but deflecting the righteous and earned wrath of the public. it's not the terrorist's fault. it's the west, and they way they treat the terrorists. blah blah blah

the only good thing to come of this is that there actually seems to be an americanization of some of these muslim groups. only in california, maybe. california seems to be a weird place that infuses it's collective "feel good" mantra of diversity and "fairness" into every niche of society. even i've been infected to some degree, because i feel the religious right wing of my political party are every bit as whacked as the liberal left of the demo party.

perhaps we'll see some movement towards distancing themselves from the insanity that is the modern islamofacist regime. i don't know, but i can only hope.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

CAIR no more speaks for Muslims in America than Madonna speaks for Kabbalah. Muslim faithful are lead and listen ONLY to Shaykhs, not to C.A.I.R.

Muslims are guided by Shari’ah (guidance from Allah) interpreted by scholars (Shaykhs) issuing Fatwas. C.A.I.R. issues propaganda, not Fatwas. Disregard C.A.I.R. as Muslims do. It is only a front for Muslim lawyers in America. Imams spread the word of scholars, not C.A.I.R. in the umma (Muslim world).

Jihadi scholars, who have gained strong reputations backing al- Qaeda, are able to attract larger followings and growing Muslim influence, just as Christian TV ministers who gain reputation have done.

In summary, there is a vast Muslim schism around the globe. C.A.I.R. claims to represent BOTH SIDES in the U.S. and must be ignored as a reliable mouthpiece of either. It has no religious standing with Muslims. Only Shari'ah and selected Shaykhs are heeded by Muslims.

7/11/05, 8:36 AM  

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