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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

i know i can't be the only one to laugh

They were all presented with a watch and given a big 'thankyou lunch'.

"They went and met the men who had been on the submarine. Unfortunately communications have not been working very well so we don't know exactly what was said."

The Scotsman

i hope the watches these guys get work better than the one my daughter bought me for my birthday several years ago. it was part of the initial dump of soviet militaria about the time the wall came down. it was a submarine officer's watch. it worked exactly 3 days.
the watchmaker laughed his keister off when i asked if he could repair it, and how much it would cost. his reply: "put it in your shadow box. it's not good for anything else." i still have the watch.


Blogger Lubber's Line said...

Hey Bo, dido on the Ruski watch "My Russian Watch is Broken" at my blog.

8/9/05, 7:28 PM  

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