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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the internet really does connect the world.

Notoriously Nice Mike noted that he had readers from all over. i've noticed the same, ever since sitemeter started putting not only the IP address but the city/state/country of the visitor.
i noticed last week that i had visitors from japan, hong kong, britain, france, russia, and many in the u.s.. so i thought i'd just give a rundown of the last 20 visitors.
Boise, ID (gee, can't guess who that is)
Sheffield UK
London UK
Round Lake, IL
Sheffield UK (probably the same visitor, back for more)
Saint John, NB, Canada
Kingston, RI
Boone, NC
Mountain View, CA (a google dude looking in on me, i suppose. No nekkid pix here)
Youngstown, OH
China Grove, NC
San Francisco, CA
Greenville, SC
Raliegh, NC
New York, NY
Alexandria, VA
Grand Junction, CO
Manchester, UK
Vista, CA
that is a list of the 20th to the most recent visitor to the site. pretty cool. some are submarine related entries, some food, most just surfed into the blog.
to all my visitors....welcome. if you find something that you like, or that pisses you off, or inspires you, or frightens you, leave a comment. always happy to discuss.


Blogger Melanie said...

just curious. where did you find that site reader? mine only tracks amount of visitors. curious to know...


8/13/05, 5:44 AM  

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