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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

browning buckmark 7 1/4" contour lite

bad shakes day at the range. first it looked like i was shooting a shotgun with the 9mm. then i got out the 22. the left target is 15 yards off hand. it was not the first target. nobody but me will ever see THAT one. after a couple of magazines full of rounds, i finally got my shakes settled in, and shot the left one. the last target of the day was the righthand one. each target had 10 rounds. during these sorts of practice sessions, i put 8 one inch targets on a sheet of paper. i start with the top left and work my way down just like reading. the last target is the lower right spot. then i cut out representitive samples and throw the really crappy ones away. kind of makes me look like a better shooter than i am. but hey, this is the internet, so i'm taller, more handsome, trim, and much more intellegent and interesting than in real life.

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