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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

pulsing a TRIGA

here's a shorter version of a video i posted a while ago. i converted this segment to a WMV and put it on youtube.
just another day at the office!

you can hear me in the background laughing at the poor dude standing next to me who jumped about 2 feet when we fired the transient rod out. the rest of my conversation was "That is so cool. It's no wonder why i like my job."

edit for you navy nuke types out there, a brief explanation of what $1.60 means. $1.00 of reactivity is B(bar)eff, or at $1.00 of reactivity, the reactor is exactly prompt critical. so we instantaneously add 1.6 the amount of reactivity to take the reactor prompt critical. cool thing about trigas. they were designed to be operated by a bunch of college undergrads at midnight sunday night after a long weekend of partying and cramming for finals. almost bullet proof

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Blogger ex-nuke bubblehead said...

Yes indeed! Was that an Intermediate Range pulse I observed there?

...Thanks again for the visit!

4/5/07, 6:12 AM  
Anonymous flem snopes said...

Ahhh, the cool, blue light at the bottom of the pool.

Mmmmmm, Cerenkov!

4/6/07, 4:59 PM  
Anonymous Tim Ruttledge said...

totally mental! they want to close down our nukes here in Sweden......and import electricity from Russia generated by? yes you've guessed it Chernobyl reactors, some logic there.

4/10/07, 3:45 PM  

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