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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oregon roadtrip

so my dad called me up one day and said, "hey, thinking of heading into eastern oregon over the 4th of July weekend. want to come along? your brother wants to go too". i bought a ticket to Portland that evening.
We headed out from the Salem area, traveling to Bend for the night. the next day, we wandered souheast, stopping at Chickahominy Reservoir for a little light fishing and reading. hey, this is what you're supposed to do on a roadtrip, right? fish and read, relax and take it easy. no problem here!
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chickahominy reservoir

then it was off to Burns, where we lived for 4 years during my youth. what a great town to grow up in. we left at just the right time, before i entered high school. there is about a 5 year window where that tiny town in the middle of nowhere would be intolerable. as a kid, and as an adult, that place is truly a paradise for the outdoorsman.

we got a bit of fishing in at Krumbo Reservoir on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge where i saw spectacular scenery and i also caught one hell of a nice fish.
tectonic geology eastern Oregon


frontside of Saddle Butte
a real Saddle Butte
got proof

then we headed further in towards the Steens Mountain through a little hole in the wall called Frenchglen. Nearby, we drove in and then hiked up the Blitzen River, one of the Wild and Scenic Rivers protected by the govt. what needed protecting was US, because the mosquitoes feasted on us. without repellent, your entire exposed skin surface would be one giant bite. they were voracious and relentless. but that was a small price to pay for fishing along that beautiful small river.
fly fishing the evening hatch blitzen2
fishing during the evening hatch

besides fishing, i was almost run over by a big damned doe that Jake rustled up
Steens Mt mule deer doe
, met a beaver that was intent on protecting his den
guarding the den
and even had to jump about 3 feet when i was warned by a rattlesnake that i was too damned close.
the next day, we headed back to Krumbo, because Darrel wanted to take his little boat out and fly fish for the smallmouth bass that thrive along the reeds along the shoreline. of course, his dog Jake
good dog
refused to be left behind.
a boy and his dog
evening came and we packed it up to head back to Burns
evening at Krumbo
the rest of the trip was revisting old haunts and seeing new things on the way back north west towards Salem.
To see the flickr set of this trip, follow this link

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