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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

this is un-frickin-believable

the hand wringing, testicle removing whiners of the anti-gun crowd have finally achieved one of their prime objectives: the complete emasculation (either figuratively or literally) of the public school administrations across the country.

i present the following two articles here and here.
apparently the second story involved not a real firearm, but a replica used in reenactment. truly sad. we've become so frightened that there is absolutely not one iota of common sense or judgment being exercised anymore. sad. sad, sad, sad.
here guys, check your balls in at the door if you want to work in our school district, and leave the brain in the jar by the bed.
come what may, we will only be getting what we deserve, allowing stupidity like this to occur. it's hand in hand with the end of our country's greatness brought on by greed. greed from the lowest to the highest levels, private and corporate.
was it franklin? that said the end of the republic will come the day we realize we can vote ourselves money? i can see the end, and it is frightening.


Blogger Edvardicus said...

This is beyond stupidity. What are these people thinking. A frickin' replica and the kid is taken away in handcuffs? A photo of kid with his sporting goods for crap sake. What about the poor schmuck from DeLasalle who was gunned down on the street the day before he was set to leave for Oregon, why aren't we hearing about the lawless little bastard that shot him. And we're worried about terrorism? Shyte, we have more to worry about from the freaking school boards.

10/14/04, 3:40 AM  

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