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Thursday, August 25, 2005

finding new blogs like this one is like

putting on a freshly laundered pair of pants, and finding a $20.00 bill in the pocket.
you do what you normally do, and there is a killer payoff, totally unexpected. that's how i feel today. i was surfing my very favorite spots, and over at varifrank's i came across this link.
a taste from one of her very first posts back in september of last year
As a lifelong liberal Democrat turned neocon, I feel ashamed of my former naivete. After all, I used to actually believe liberals were above such dirty tricks. And so I feel the intense anger of a person whose lover has been unfaithful: long ago, I trusted these people, and they have betrayed me, over and over, in a time of grave danger. I'm not likely to forgive them.

in another entry so why neo neocon?, she states the following, and i have to say it resonates
"Neocon" is used by critics as a code word for a lot of things, among them: imperialist, unrealistic dreamer, and scheming puppeteer (along with its subset, scheming evil Jewish puppeteer).

I am not using it in any of these senses. I am using it to mean a person, socially liberal, who espouses a foreign policy that includes the vigorous support of the spread of democracy and freedom around the world. Neocons usually believe that such a spread of democracy would be both a good thing in and of itself, and a practical thing as well, since the belief is that it will lead to greater peace and prosperity for everyone, including the US.

i've been reading a scattering of entries on this site, and am now convinced that i will be spending a couple of hours this evening reading the blog from cover to cover.

thanks varifrank, you done good amigo.


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