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Friday, August 19, 2005

a little too damned late, doncha think?

you go to the doctor. you get told you're a transexual. hmmmmm. do you dress up in women's undies all the time? get hot and bothered by a lifegaurd in a skimpy suit? think 2 inch heels are just a little too low? why, yes, yes, he must be a transexual. now, i'm not too sure about the procedure in australia, but around here, they remove the external plumbing, shoot you full of hormones, and send you on your way.
Alan Michael Finch was 21 when he underwent a sex change operation to become a woman in 1988. By 1996, however, Finch said he was "a mess" and struggling to live life as a woman named Helen.

if you ask me, this guy really is a woman. why? because he can't make up his mind which fixtures to wear.


Blogger Edvardicus said...

Puts a whole new slant on the idea of Tort Reform, er maybe that's Tart Reform. (sorry bout that. I couldn't help myself.)

8/20/05, 9:27 AM  
Blogger bhd said...

It just proves he's a Pisces, not a woman. *slap*

8/20/05, 10:08 AM  

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