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Friday, August 19, 2005

now this is a pretty damned good way to go

leave it to H.S. Thompson. the man lived by his own rules, died by his own hand, and now, will be scattered to the winds from a cannon. what this man did not lack was an imagination. i've often thought of how i want to be disposed of. just toss my ashes off the golden gate bridge. that was my landmark as a sailor. we'd pass under the bridge on our way west, and under it on our way home. it has been one of my favorite landmarks. but, now that the father of gonzo journalism is having his ashes spread by cannon fire, i'll have to scratch using a cannon off my mental list of possibilities. i suppose i'll just have to be put into a water ballon, and dropped on the deck of a freighter heading west from the walkway above. hey, i don't want to be a copycat.


Anonymous hop said...


Maybe you could get your ashes shot out of a torpedo tube (water slug) during a subs sea trials?

JMHO about Thompson, I can't pity or even care about a person who would kill himself while he is on the phone with his wife and his grandkid is in the house at the same time. He has the right to off himself, but he doesn't have the right to permanently F up the kid and other family members with his selfish act.

Glad to see you had a great time at the reunion. How is Billy Burton? He grew up not too far from where I live.


8/20/05, 5:42 AM  

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