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Friday, September 09, 2005

the latest scoop on sandy burglar, i mean berger

one of the news stories from last year that really got my attention was the sandy berger story where he was caught stealing confidential materials. i was livid, as you could probably tell by the two previous links.

it seems the shoe has dropped, and a judge has sentenced berger to a $50,000 fine. way too lenient for my taste. that sombich belongs in jail. but at least he didn't get away with it clean. what is it with folks that have access to the kind of power berger enjoyed as a top level bureaucrat? they seem to find the laws of the land minor inconveniences, and only applicable to the hoi polloi, and not the "upper crust".

i want that bastard to spend time in the slammer. alcatraz or folsom would be fine. money? that's not even punishment. the pool he can tap to cover his expenses won't even change in level taking that paltry sum out. i bet he could have been fined millions, and someone would cover his marker, if for no other reason than to keep him quiet about what he was doing, and for whom.

it's like when i was a young and stupid sailor. if you got into trouble and were fined as a result of captain's mast, it sucked, but you survived. the galley would always provide a meal, and your buds more often than not lived a share and share alike existence, so there would always be beer available.

but take away liberty time by confinement to the boat? THAT was punishment.


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