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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

High court affirms gun rights in historic decision
sure have heard a lot from the gun grabbers about how this won't really affect anything.

WRONG!!! the NRA is already in court suing Chicago over it's unrealistic and confiscatory gun laws.

again, i say Oh Happy Day!
I may have to get a couple of pistols out of the safe and go to the range and crack a few caps, just to celebrate.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

two different outcomes

i don't know if you out there in the wide world have heard about the craziness that is california, but we've had a couple of really crazy, very sad things that have happened in the last couple of days.
in the first instance, a dad pulled over, jerked his two year old son out of the back, and began punching and stomping the little guy. apparently he told bystanders that he was driving out the demons. what i don't understand is what the hell the "bystanders" were doing. me, i'd be in the middle of that guy. things didn't resolve until a deputy landed in a helicopter, and told him to back off. it was reported the deputy received the middle finger from the miscreant. after flipping off the cop, he started stomping his son again. the only positive thing to this whole sad story is that the cop capped the dude. father and son were pronounced dead at the scene. sad sad sad. what in the world would be enough to trigger that kind of rage/action in a father? i've felt like taking my kid's by their heads, twisting them off and using them for bowling balls, but i certainly didn't act on the impulse.

the second is bad too, and involved a parolee who tried to escape from a cop by blazing off at 100 mph after the cop tried to pull him over for suspected drunken driving... with an infant (his) in the car. the story is jumbled, but after finally pulling the drunken parolee over, the deputy was shot once with a high power rifle, and subsequently died. the paper's report that after shooting the deputy, the creep ran off into the woods, leaving his infant in the car. in this instance, both the dad and child survived.

what is this world coming to? two very seriously bad decisions, one resulting the child's death and the other could very likely resulted in a major accident killing the infant. and who did these despicable acts? their fathers! WTF? two incidents in two days, one being Fathers Day, of all things. hell in a handbasket with bells on. that's where the world is heading.

and on a possibly related note, the San Francisco Federal Appeals Court overturned a man's death sentence (for the THIRD TIME), because they said the defense lawyer didn't present evidence that could have mitigated the dirtbag's sentence. what is it that the jury didn't hear?
Family members at the penalty phase of the trial testified that Belmontes' father was a violent alcoholic who beat his mother. But the appeals court said jurors never heard evidence of other childhood trauma and Belmontes' drug use, or of an attack of rheumatic fever at age 14 that left him with depression and a changed personality.
well excuse the fuck out of me, but who cares? was he the one that held the crowbar, the one that beat that poor 19 year old girl to death with said crowbar during the commission of a robbery? that point has been irrefutable proven. what else do they need to know? did he do it? yes. then why isn't he in the express lane to the death chamber?

point? there seems to be no real accountability in our society any more. i'm not advocating a star chamber type of justice, but there SHOULD BE JUSTICE in our society. accountability sure didn't work in any of these three cases. well, that's not true. the first "dad" paid the ultimate price, but only after he killed his own child.

i think i'll go crack a bottle of Crown Royal. it helps, but only a little.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

saw a couple of classics today

i had to take our old hot water heater to the dump today. fun story, one many many many have experienced. you know the story. come home from work, it's 1830 (6:30 pm for those of you that don't know how to tell time properly) to find the garage floor awash, and a steady stream flowing out of the bottom of the heater. 30 minutes later, and $500.00 bucks poorer, i'm back at the house horsing out the old hot water heater and lifting in and connecting the new. i had to get the old Superman cape out of the closet, knock the dust off it, and don it to move the old heater. even drained those things weigh a ton. so anyway....
here i am, driving down the road on the way to the dump, and i pass by two spectacular examples of classic American carmaking.
the first was a pristine red Grand Tourisimo Studebaker Hawk. here's a picture of one (white, but you will get the idea) i found on the web:

the other was an absolutely cherry, beautiful white Studebaker Avanti. what a way to cruise on a pleasant saturday afternoon.


Friday, June 06, 2008

Cookie is my hero. Read what he's been up to

and if you would like to kick in a couple of bucks, the kids traveling through his airport would thank you if they knew. way to go cookie! it's not often you see someone setting up their own Military Lounge in an airport.
the USO helped me a lot when i was a pup, traveling through various airports on my way to a new duty station, or home on leave. too bad the USO isn't capable of helping out in upstate New York, but you can!


Tuesday, June 03, 2008

let the fun begin!

so hillary is sidelined, and the dems are going to pit obamarama against McCain. there is enough dirt to go around, that's for sure. wonder which will be buried first? i wonder if the country is ready to stomach a socialist who got his political jumpstart from a couple of real deal, dyed red in the wool commies? here's a taste from a GOP website. yep, it's going to be interesting....

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