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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Onion kills me.

if you look at my profile, you will see that i work at a university research facility. so the whole issue of obtaining grants, designing experiments, and running/analyzing those experiments isn't new territory. my weekly trip to The Onion, one of the premiere satire/parody humor sites burped up an absolutely spot on article about a researcher that runs into a little trouble with his project. one of the really sad things is that i showed this to a fellow wizard, and after reading it, he asked me if i'd checked it out with Snopes to see if it was true. i told him he needed to get out more.

and in keeping with the faux news thread, several Onion videos scream for sharing.

first, have you any illusions about who will be the next president? to quote "This country is based on the fantasy that the government is the voice of the people" found in Diebold accidentally leaks the winner strikes way too close to home.

and of course, if you watch the cable "news" channels, or listen to talk radio, you've seen this guy. funny thing is, i'm pretty sure the video predated the latest by al Zawahiri blasting Iran over who committed the 9/11 attacks two days ago.

sometimes parodies hit way too close to the bone.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

more ranting about the environment

long time readers have probably figured out that i'm much more of an environmentalist that most of the vapid doo gooder/feel gooders out there. biggest difference? i am all for doing something about real issues, rather than yelling about how messed up we are. want to get rid of the "horrible carbon footprint" of modern society? build nukes. lots of them. that way we can stop using precious carbon based fossil fuels that emit tons of carbon dioxide daily. that will help us with our issues in the middle east as well, since our dependence on their oil will be sharply curtailed. find and exploit new sources, or even known old sources, such as the fuel buried in the bottom of the Santa Barbara channel. but of course, environmentalists and nimbys are all flapping over that one.
i've ranted before about the vocal rabble-rousers that insist we DO SOMETHING!!!, but when a workable plan is hatched, they are the first to get in line decrying it. case in point, the Cape Cod wind turbine plan from 2004.
now, many Californians are being absolutely two faced about enviro issues.
Dan Walters has written about in the latest flap in today's Sacramento Bee. Greens like idea of renewable energy, balk at the reality. to quote the article/editorial:
An environmental coalition called Californians for Solar and Clean Energy has submitted more than 700,000 signatures for an initiative measure that would compel the state's utilities to use renewable sources for 40 percent of their electric power supplies by 2020 and 50 percent by 2025, a sharp increase in what the state's current policy requires.

The underlying notion is to reduce our reliance on carbon-generating fuels such as coal and natural gas and thus contribute to the fight against global warming.

Fair enough. If global warming is the threat to human life that we're being told it is, and reducing human-caused carbon emissions is the critical factor, then it will require big changes in the way we live, including how we generate and use energy.

As the coalition's name implies, solar is its preferred form of renewable energy – tapping the rays of the sun to create electricity through photovoltaic panels – although geothermal energy, utilizing heat from the Earth's core, is another source. And, as it happens, California is blessed with copious amounts of both sunshine and geothermal heat.

Merely generating energy from renewable, nonpolluting sources is one thing. Transmitting it from generation sites to where people live is another, and environmental groups that tout renewable energy often oppose transmission lines that would carry the power to homes and businesses, as a long-running battle over a project called "Sunrise Powerlink" illustrates.

San Diego Gas & Electric Co. wants to build the 150-mile-long high-voltage line from solar and geothermal plants in Imperial County to urban users along the coast, but environmentalists and property owners along the proposed route are lining up against it in anticipation of a Public Utilities Commission decision in August.

Environmental groups are especially unhappy with sending the power through Anza-Borrego State Park, even though it would follow an existing power line corridor, while local landowners and governments stiffly oppose alternative routes that bypass the park.

The environmental groups' opposition follows an odd pattern of supporting green policies in a macro sense, only to oppose specific projects that would implement their larger vision.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who's proclaimed himself leader of California's – and perhaps humankind's – anti-global warming crusade, appears to be getting a little frustrated with his supposed allies' attitude toward specific projects.

"One energy expert the other day said that the California Mojave Desert … is one of the best spots on planet Earth for solar power plants," Schwarzenegger said in a speech to a recent climate change conference at Yale University. "Pacific Gas and Electric wants to put three huge solar plants right there. And the whole world – the Germans, the French, the Canadians, the Japanese – they all want to come out to California and put solar power plants in the Mojave Desert and in other places. The only thing is that the problem is getting that new energy to the power grid because of environmental hurdles.

"San Diego Gas & Electric wants to develop solar geothermal fields in Imperial Valley and build 150 miles of transmission lines to go and take this power right into San Diego, but it faces opposition even though it would replace an old carbon-based power plant. So the point I'm making is it's not just businesses that have slowed things down, it's not just Republicans that have slowed things down, it's also Democrats and also environmental activists sometimes that slow things down. … I don't know whether this is ironic or absurd. But, I mean, if we cannot put solar power plants in the Mojave Desert, I don't know where the hell we can put it."

as my old man used to say: "Put your money where your mouth is"

and here's a link to a youtube video about a discussion on global warming that you probably haven't seen, or heard about. intellesting, velly intellesting.

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a very good question from Holland

received in my email this morning. damned good question!

Folks in Holland have a question for us:

"We in Holland cannot figure out why you are even bothering to hold an election.

On one side, you have a bitch who is a lawyer, married to a lawyer, and a lawyer who is married to a bitch who is a lawyer.

On the other side, you have a true war hero married to a woman with a huge chest who owns a beer distributorship.

Why is there a contest here? "


Monday, April 21, 2008

Reloading the 38 Special round

So I have a big box of 148 grain lead HBWC (hollowback wadcutters)
and I've been tinkering with different loads through both the 4 inch and 6 inch .357's, loaded as 38 Specials. Until this trip, i've not been too impressed with the accuracy of what is supposedly one of the truly accurate rounds in the handgun target shooting world. Until this week.

38 special reload test

click for bigger size

So the upper right target is 2.6 grains of Bullseye, and there are a bunch of shots fired, all off hand at 25 yards. I shot at an outdoor range, nice temps, no clouds, light breeze. i can't blame the weather.

the left two targets are 3.0 grains of Bullseye. the lower target was the final 6 rounds. A decent group, except one flier. the offhand accuracy, with my aging eyes, and coffee fueled hands is as good as it gets anymore. I guess i'll load the remaining 2841 rounds at 3.0 grains, and be happy with the results.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Want to play grown-up "Where's Waldo"?

so i was visiting one of my very favorite non-submariner sailor bloggers, and found a really cool game. i don't think he realized he was issuing a gamer challenge (hell, maybe he did). reading his post cracked me up, especially his comments about how nice it would look on an airman in a swivel chair.

so finish reading this paragraph, and then come back and click on Multi-Cam images. so you are pretty good at finding things? think you have cut your teeth searching for Waldo with your kids through countless books and magazine pictures? how good are you? me, there were several pictures that i simply couldn't find the cammo in. pretty cool.

and once you have really honed your spotting skills, check out this UK Times article about an artist that's really raised the bar. now instead of finding Waldo in a picture or book, how about finding him somewhere on earth, with Google Earth?

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Rest well, friend

although it isn't surprising, it is still sad to hear that Charlton Heston has died.
hey Chuck, i hope you pre-arranged to keep the gun grabbers away, since i'm sure they will be circling around now trying to pry your gun from your cold, dead hands.

Rest in peace.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Submariner Blogger Roundup 4/4/08

Hi kids! guess what time it is? you're right, it's bubblesphere blogger roundup time! and before we get started, i'd like to welcome a couple of new members to the bubblesphere blogroll:
a Halibut bubblehead that served around the time i was on the Seawolf, give or take a couple of years. We joined the same squadron in the early 70's, and even shared a barracks down at the south end of Mare Island. welcome to Halibut Hanger.

And don't forget to visitDave Plouffe's Blog. he's an ex Topeka sailor, and it looks like he's doing some sort of education thing at sub school now, while working on his PhD. overachiever. (actually, good on ya buddy)

on to the roundup.

as if i need to keep pounding this into the collective heads of all that visit, the first and foremost submarine info site is of course Eric's Sub Report. if it relates to submarines, it's in the news, it's on the Sub Report. this is one of the handful of sites i visit every day, regardless of what else i may be out looking at while wandering the web.

ok, my buddy Joel, over at The Stupid Shall be Punished trains his experienced eye on the new navy workout uniform. for his unique fashion critique, wander over and see why he's willing to take back all the bad things he said before the unveiling. i'm pretty sure he is right when he states jihadis will run at the first sign of a group exercising wearing this getup.

it's been 10 days since willyshakes posted about how oboma tossed his grandmother under the train, but it's a good post, and i just couldn't let it slip by.

Chap gives us a link to a writer that looks to be shaping up to be a major voice in Asia, focusing on religion. i read the linkd article, and the dude says some interesting things that i hadn't put together.

Gus has two posts i'd like to point you towards. i've said many times that this guy is one of the smartest and clearest writers i visit. and i visit every day. first up, this post, where gus updates some of his objectivist links, with verbage. and then there is the ubiquitous Quick Roundup wherein he and i tempt fate once again by links roundup to roundup. one of these days, there will be some harmonic divergence caused by this cross linkage which will cause the earth to shatter. but since i like his writing so much, i'll take the chance, and you, dear reader, will just have to hold on for the ride.

one of the other bright spots in the bubblesphere blogger land is Vigilis, who once again proves he's way out front in examining all things submarine. here he's discussing the submarine achilles heel. interesting and thought provoking. as always.

slightly rough links us up with a baseball legend that has become a blogging fool.

my favorite liberal sub blogger Rob (he has his own magazine, formerly known as Rob's Blog, don't you know) gives his take on What is Patriotism.

our friend over at Reality Frame discusses why he's hopeful about the coming democratic convention, and what it means for obama.

and i'm not giving you just one post to the cook shack. instead, just go over there and catch up on all the humor you missed out on since the last time i sent you over. oh, and stop by and comment on today's post with a "poor baby" or some similar comment. i know he'll appreciate it.

and for a refreshing counter point to Rob and Reality Frame, here's the Knave with Obama 08 My Ass. yup.

Eric is desperately trying to drum up content for the Sub Report, so he started his own blog some time ago, just so he could dream something up for the rest of us to read when the news world ignored our beloved submarines. well, i'm here to tell you that he knocked one out of the park with Halfway Night and Rabbit Hash. can you tell i'm doing a don rickles here, harassing those that i respect, just because?

Myron's latest two posts are killer. first, he provides a link to the new Marine Corps Recruiting Station Berkeley tshirt. i'm ordering one as soon as i'm done with this roundup.
his other post is killing me, because i had a salad for dinner (don't get me wrong, it was a damned good salad), and it just doesn't compare with what he cooked up on the stove top. i want to have dinner at your house, Myron.

the Sonarman riffs about the Joys of Home Ownership. i'm feeling it bro. we ended up putting a brand new $28K roof on our new home the summer after we bought it 3 years ago. ouch. links to that saga are here, and here, and here, and finally here, where i present a picture of the finished product. like i said, i feel your pain man.

Mike Lief hunts down one of his favorite hollywood directors.

The Old Coot beat me to the punch on the Brit Royal Marine up for a Victoria's Cross for literally shielding his squad from a hand grenade by tossing himself on the damned thing. seems he tripped a wire while being point on a patrol in Ass'istan, which armed a grenade. in the seven seconds between arming and exploding, he figured better one dead soldier than 5, and jumped on the grenade, rolled up against it with pack, and BOOM. by rolling over and placing his pack against it, with the body armor he was wearing, all he ended up with was bruises. i'm surprised he didn't hurt himself by smashing his extra large brass balls jumping on a live grenade. where the hell do they find these guys? and note that he wasn't trying to kill others by blowing himself up. no. he saved his squad mates with his quick thinking. saved himself too. this man is a true hero in anyone's definition of hero. here's a link to an article about Matthew Croucher in the UK's News of the World.

Red dog lets us know what he thinks about the latest drive to beautify the last pope.

Nereus, you are not the only one striken with CRS. if you don't know what that affliction is, he'll tell you. now, what was it i wanted to say about this post? damn, i can't remember sh..........

i posted about megamunch's giving up meat for Lent on the last roundup. guess what? he made it! and then he did his best to make up for lost meat, uh, i mean, lost time. and he has one of the great bogie quotes for you sports fans

Subvet takes a look at the border issue. dude, if you're going to get a .45, try to get one with a mall ninja light rail attached to the dust cover. lets you hang all kinds of cool stuff on it to make you be able to see in the dark. that's when you really need it, anyway. here's my things go bump in the night .45

Right Mind from the People's Republic of Moscow, Idaho asks, do you meet the definition of terrorist?

Midwatch Cowboy is such a geek. in my world, that's not a bad thing. here he asks What the frack?

and don't forget to mark your calendars. the second season of Hey Shipwreck starts 14 April. two things i want to know. 1, how the hell does he not get shit from those above him that have no sense of humor, and 2, how the hell does he find the time to do all this stuff, work as a recruiter, and have a family? ah, to be young again!

you've heard they refitted the Georgia, turning it into a hybrid submarine, right? find out more here

Chucklehead expresses his love for technology. damn. 10 miles.

Jay points out that the Navy is going ahead with an ambitious building program with the Virginia class. i just wish we could build them faster than we're decomming them.

Wheels opines they got the scare quotes around the wrong word. dude, that story is just too messed up for words.

here's a techie article about the tradeoff between innovation and computer security over at In Through the Out Door. velly intellesting.

Exurban League takes a swipe a the Swedes' and the Absolut ad campaign in Mexico. you know, the shaded area of "Greater Finland" looks like a dick. appropriate. and not accidental.

Razorback Museum celebrates the 1944 birthday of the Razorback. some neat pics in the post.

Blunoz gives us a great travel blog about a recent trip to Maui. a little slice of heaven, where most of the folks already speak American English. accented, but understandable. and you don't even need to change money at the airport!

Bill reminisces about San Diego liberty. no disrespect, but i think bill and i had different goals on liberty. and i'm pretty sure i didn't go to any of the places he talks about. not on purpose, or unless it was directly in my way. i probably would have had a better time ( or at least be able to remember the time i had) had i followed his lead...

the Good Donut talks about the ever important Man Time, where no stinky girls are allowed. i still get to have man time with my son, but since he's 28 now, it's a little different than when he was losing his milk teeth.

and of course, don't miss my recent rant about emailed hoaxes. and if you didn't get a chance to see the Geert Wilders short film FITNA, or if you don't even know what i'm talking about, check out this post. if you decide to watch the movie, i must warn you that there are many disturbing images. mostly hate filled rantings by imams and others, but some pretty gruesome and graphic images of the results stemming from many of those rantings.

a note: yeah, i know there are a number of syntactical errors, spelling mistakes, and general rambling, disjointed sentences throughout this entry. what can i say?

and if you are, or know of another submariner out there blogging, please leave a comment so i can update the blog list. thanks...

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

recent email, and my rebuttal

here's the text, and a picture i received in an email the other day. i guess because i'm a red meat eating crazy man, all my friends, family, and acquaintances deluge my inbox with stuff like this:
Read the following explanation before looking at the picture!

Most Syrians struggle to even read Arabic, much less have a clue about reading English.

So, how does a group of Syrian protest leaders create the most impact with their signs by having the standard 'Death To Americans'(etc.) slogans printed in English?

They simply hire an English-speaking civilian to translate and write their statements into English.

Unfortunately,in this case, they were unaware that the 'civilian' insurance company employee hired for the job was a retired US Army Sergeant! Obviously, pictures of this protest rally never made their way to Arab TV networks, but the results were PRICELESS!

This picture is not doctored.

and my response is... PLEASE OBSERVE A FEW BASIC RULES BEFORE SENDING THIS GARBAGE TO MY INBOX. FIRST, does it really really make sense?? SECOND, take a few moments to check out to see if this is just another B.S. post some pinhead thought was funny, but you took seriously. this is a perfect example, and here my responsespamus

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