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Monday, November 23, 2009

don't need to be a toothless shopkeeper to gouge

i know we aren't suffering the aftermath of a hurricane, or some other natural catastrophe. but the year+ ammo shortage is showing me who i don't want to buy anything from in the future.
case in point: an online ammo distributor (i won't name them, or send traffic their way, but they are in Brenham Texas) has winchester plinking ammo in 555 round boxes for about $22. ok, that's expensive for plinking ammo, but in day and age, beggars can't be too damned choosy. if you order a case (10 boxes) you end up paying over $90.00 in shipping. that's more per box in shipping charges than i pay for the ammo in other places. i've been shipping and receiving everything from printer cartridges to air compressors for years and i know how much it costs to ship UPS from texas to kahleefornia. and i've carried many a case of bricks of .22 ammo out to my truck over the years. i know how much they weigh. thieves taking advantage of scarcity beyond acceptable levels.

second case in point: i went to Big 5 Sporting store, and they had a lone box of winchester plinking ammo in the 333 box size for $19.98. that works out to $30 a brick. not only is that outrageous, but i bought a box of that same ammo 3 days ago from wallyworld for $9.98. i've bought guns, ammo, fishing gear, sporting goods and even very expensive hiking shoes from them before, but i will never cross their door sill again.
i absolutely understand the need to make a profit, and would never begrudge one to an honest dealer. but these are two of the examples of exorbitant gouging from supposedly gun friendly companies.
i'll take my business elsewhere, or not shoot at all before i buy from either of them.
i'm really pissed

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Friday, November 20, 2009

another ignoble reason to die

damn, don't think i'll be going to peru anytime soon. i must be worth a fortune at the rates quoted in the article here


just call me Common Sense Man!

common sense man


wonder what St. Al has to say about this?

gee, global warming has decided take a break. never would have seen this coming, unless, of course, you actually read many of the real scientific studies done by real climatologists and atmospheric chemists. as opposed to the roundtable gathering of biologists and others not trained in this field, and most of the folks that espouse warming ends the world.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

call me silly, but

i don't really think this is what a charity organization is supposed to do.
i wonder if some of the "charities" here in the US are guilty of this? probably not something they would put in the literature handed out during the Combined Federal Campaign.

you know what the CFC is right? employers (the federal govt. agencies) hold a gun to your head until you agree to a paycheck deduction to support one of the approved charities. i always thought that if the government just took the dollar amount they spent pimping the CFC and distributed it amongst the charities, the charities would have been awash in cash.

honest, they aren't looking for ME

so the FBI is looking for a bank robber in San Diego called the Geezer Bandit.
it's not me, honest.


IowaHawk has done it again

once again Iowahawk delivers a superb roundup of the latest news. check out headlines from around the world detailing the Ft. Hood murders.

this guy is becoming a national treasure


whine, whine, snivel, whine

great. if you are a denizen of the great state of kahleeforia, and are a working, productive member of society, rather than on some sort of state assistance, guess what?
starting 1NOV09, the state is going to take out 10% more taxes. oh, they haven't raised taxes. oh no, they wouldn't do that in this climate of joblessness and economic downturn. they wouldn't raise taxes. this is just a way to get more money into the state faster, but they promise to pay it back at tax return time. yeah, like last year, they paid back with vouchers to many. top that with my furlough (yeah, i'm a tax eater, i work for a state funded organization), this looks like i'm taking an 18% paycut. add that to the fact that our workload is increasing, but they can't afford to hire any new full time employees, and it looks to be shaping up to one hell of a year.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

here's a foodie resource

one of my co-workers showed me this site today. double-damn, but i'm going to have to go exploring. i've looked at a number of these recipes, and there is no doubt that i'll be back looking for ideas in the coming days.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

gives me an idea

my neighbor always does it up nice for christmas, but i'm not so clever. this just might be my way to spruce up our side of the street this holiday season.

found at failblog.org


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i can get behind this idea.

the last paragraph of an article pointing out the stupidity of "diversity at all costs" currently being practiced by our military and government.
Under those circumstances, the least the Army can do is ensure that his victims - both those who are gone and those wounded in his attacks - receive Purple Hearts for the losses they incurred at the hands of the enemy.

here's the link thingie to the entire editorial.

evidence is mounting that this wasn't just some shrink that fell off the edge. i saw that hasan had some web page where his name was followed by SoA (soldier of allah). WTF?

and he was "worried" about going to a theater of war where muslims were being killed? WTF? what about all those poor muslims killed by fellow muslims all over the middle east. i guess you can only clump all muslims into one catagory when you are making an argument against the war from the American side. it's ok if they kill each other, because it's believer on believer death and destruction. it just isn't ok if it is infidel vs believer.
kiss my ass


curious to read what real doctors think about the "health reform?"

you know, those guys that will be cutting you open to remove that exploded appendix? or resetting a dislocated shoulder?
check out this post from the docs on the web

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

ok, but i think a .357 would have been better

saved by an umbrella?


don't we wish

too bad this is just a satire piece. wouldn't it be nice?


interesting take

Protein Wisdom posts an interesting analysis regarding segregating our society into specific groups with specific and special legislation. link is here.
i've been taught most of my life that segregation was illegal?

also, read some of the comments to the post. my favorite: "I am going to denounce and condemn all of you right now, just in case."