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Friday, May 16, 2008

submariner bubblesphere blog roundup 05-16-08

time again to wander around the bubblesphere, gathering the various posts from our submariner brethren. i've tried to get this started the last two fridays, but being busy with everything else has kept me from doing so. anyway, here's this edition.

first, a new blogger (thanks Joel): welcome to The EM Log. go read his posts. this is a great find, and is now on my daily to do list.

as always, check out the Sub Report for the latest doings in the world of submarines. drop eric an email to let him know how much you appreciate the work he does.

and the big submariner kid on the bubblesphere block has a post calling for seastories about faking news and sports. if you were on submarines back in the day, the radiomen were the conduit of all outside info. and every radioshack had at least one joker. read about some of those exploits.

the brain amongst us has a post about how a certain senator is a nub. couldn't have said it better myself willyshakes.

and chap has a couple of posts that ramp up the wayback factor. a quote from this post
"I went into teaching full of belief and idealism, knowing that our children had limitless potential. After 5 years I realised that there was no place for idealism in teaching. I left in 1978 not knowing what I would do."
and then there is this one wherein he claims the author has him pegged...My first? a 1970 175 Yamaha Enduro.

and gus discovers he's a colon in his latest roundup. if you've ever read any Kurt Vonnegut, you will should be able to figure out that when my kids tell me i'm a * they are not referring to a punctuation mark.

as usual, i'm not pointing you to any specific post by Vigilis. reason: too damned many good posts to list. visit, read, read some more.

Rob has an answer for the phone callers asking him for their vote.

the magazine o' Rob has a post exploring the "myth of the pro-military". hmmm. Rob, no smackdown on your take of things, but your political fellow travelers might raise some concern. i suggest you read Liberal Fascism toot sweet. by the way, how you liking civilian life?

digging back a ways, the old man explores "school security". some progress.

Reality Frame discusses "the puppet media". funny how all sides find fault with the media supplying us with news and opinion.

Cookie is another blogger that i'm simply pointing you towards. go, read, laugh. too damned many good posts to pick from, so go read them all.

The Knave posts some tips for gasoline users. that's most of us, i reckon. thanks for the pointers.

Eric of the world renowned Sub report has a bunch of blog entries detailing various submarine classes. if you are a sub buff, wander over and learn something new!

while his mind wasn't wandering, Myron posted a Tommy Cox video about "the dives we've known". then he has an updated list with a ton of links to other Tommy stuff that can take up most of the evening following. i know, because i had to wave off the wife a couple of times, just so i could get through the list. i doubt Tom will remember, but playing guitar in crews mess with him and the other wannabe musicians helped pass a couple of very tedious and very boring (for the nukes) spec-ops in the 70's.

Out on a Limb posts about why it sucks to be the GOP. yeah, it's painful.

the old coot posts about a new Navy ship, and who it's named after. i think the process of naming the Navy's war craft after heroes is not only fitting, but right. too bad they named a bunch after politicians. i suppose that was one way to get funding.

my red headed bud from the old days has posted a ponder in light of California's Supreme Court decision the other day regarding gay marriage. Wick, you are still a shit stirrer. please don't ever change.

two from Nereus: first, he snivels about how busy he is, and then posts about the best way to excavate a pool. he's entering into the land of civilians, and the changes that come from that are plenty. a new pool would be nice!

Mega Munch is pondering changing around the rules for an eating contest at work. my thought? Keep the BEER!. move to a non-work venue, and go for it. gluttony without alcohol? it's just not right.

the A-ganger is pondering putting his daughter in a nunnery. hey, thanks for the link! it was "eye opening"

very sad. DCS, sorry for your loss

Right Mind explores a well known double standard.

the Midwatch Cowboy explores how to spend the economic stimulus check. his take is spot on.

in case you missed it, episode 02-1 is online at Tubedaze. still waaaaiting John. a little something like a backed up sewer is holding things up? shaaaaa.

exploring the Cycle of Life can be tough when it's your boat we're talking about.

Doc explores The Problem with 24 Hour News

Chucklehead is taking an indefinite break from blogging. newborns take up A LOT of time!

yet another blogger that i'm just going to point you towards to explore on your own. the whiner has a number of really interesting posts lately that you might find worthwhile. i did.

Wheels proves that there can be an I in TEAM. damn! i'm impressed.

In through the out door has a post concerning a super secret sub base.

Exurban League posts something that tightened my scrote. not me, nope, no way. i get sweaty climbing a foot stool.

Read an amazing obit for amazing man at the Razorback Museum blog.

Blunoz talks about difficult decisions that might save someone's life.

Bill recounts his time as a Tijuana Tourist. me, i bought a switchblade that the border guards took. easy come easy go.

The Good Donut saw something about the West Virginia primaries that made him ashamed. dude, i can see why. sorry.

Beeb discovers Salt is good for you.

Halibut Hanger has the latest skinny on the Virginia Class appropriations

Dave's got a new pet, and possibly a future dinner. naming it Stu?

EDIT to correct an oversight on my part, let me direct you to Submarines Forever where the Sonarman explores the illegal immigrant issue vis a vis the Catholic church. pretty interesting reading.

That's it folks. happy reading, and don't forget to drop a comment or two while working your way around the bubblesphere.

and before i forget, don't miss the last couple of posts at the geezer's corner.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Liberal Fascism: a very interesting read

That Che Guevara has become a chic branding tool is a disgusting indictment of both American consumer culture and the know-nothing liberalism that constitutes the filthy residue of the 1960s New Left. Ubiquitous Che shirts top the list of mass-marketed revolutionary swag available for sale at the nearest bobo chic retailer - including a popular line of children's wear.
... "Viva la revolution!" Now even the smallest rebel can express himself in these awesome baby onesies. This classic Che Guevara icon is also available on a long-sleeve tee in kid's sizes...Lon live the rebel in all of us...there's no cooler iconic image than Che!"
Th Argentine henchman of the Cuban revolution was a murderer and goon. He penned classically fascist apothegms in his journals: "hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective and cold-blooded killing machine." Guevara was a better writer, but the same muse helped to produce Mein Kampf. Guevara reveled in executing prisoners. While commenting revolution in Guatemala, he wrote home to his mother, "It was all a lot of fun, what with the bombs, speeches and other distractions to break the monotony I was living in." His motto was "If in doubt, kill him," and he killed a great many. The Cuban-American writer Humberto Fontova described Guevara as "a combination of Beria and Himmler." Guevara certainly killed more dissidents and lovers of democracy than Mussolini ever did, and Mussolini's Italy was undoubtedly more "free" than any society Guevara the "freedom fighter" was seeking. Would you put a Mussolini onesie on your baby? Would you let your daughter drink from a Himmler sippy cup?
source: Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg pp. 193-194.

this is how far into the book i am, and it's an amazing read. the parallels to the whole global warming hysteria and many other "calls to action" that can be seen coming directly from the fascist's handbook are sobering. and this quote reminded me of a little tempest that went on back in February. Remember it? click on the picture to take you to one of the better blog entries of the day.

and of course, i can't miss the opportunity to share my favorite "Che" shirt:

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

she gave me that "Louise Fletcher" look

the above was a quote from a coworker about his dealings with a government drone the other day. intrigued, i had to go look her up on the web to see what the hell he was talking about.
seems this picture says it all:

Saturday, May 03, 2008

elegant solution

i love to grill. scattered throughout the Recipes List are many examples of that.
so while i was making skewered meat and veggies on the old kettle grill, i kept bitching to myself about how nothing fit, i had to burn my hands to turn things over, blah blah blah. usually i'm a happy camper while cooking, but for some reason doing kabobs that day wasn't happening for me.
fast forward. gazing off into the blue glow, i had a idea. make a kabob grill!

a brake drum, a chunk of pipe, some scrap plate and rebar, with a little perf plate and viola!

click to see in all it's goodness!
kabob grill1
kabob grill2

about 30 inches long, 4 inches deep, 8 inches wide, notched to hold skewers, with a grill to put on if i want to use it for flash grilling non skewered items.

Thanks to my bud Rich for taking my idea and turning it into a reality.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

today's email humor

fun things to do with the kid's G.I. Joes!

now that's funny... OH! CAPTION CONTEST!!!!! the funniest caption gets nothing more than international (about 10% of my viewers are from other than the good ol' U.S. of A.) recognition for your cleverness...
post in comment section.

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